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Welcome to EatSafe Ghana Website.

We provide you relevant information that will help you make informed decision about your food choices and lifestyle. Sub-Saharan Africa is confronted with multiple burden of malnutrition and food safety challenges that negatively affect quality of life. We all have a role to play to manage the situation.

EatSafe Ghana is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve public health through safe, nutritious and healthy food. We are confident that we can make a positive impact through capacity development; public education and awareness creation; evidence-based advocacy for increased investments in food safety and nutrition research, nutrient-dense food production, food processing and distribution; women and youth empowerment; food safety and hygiene-related infrastructural development; and research to generate evidence to influence policy and practice.

With your support, we are confident that food safety problems and malnutrition in all its forms can, in the very near future, become things of the past. Let's join forces and work together to improve the safety of our food and eliminate malnutrition in Africa and other parts of the world.

We count on your support!

Thank you.